9 year old Dexter is a very lucky boy who needs his luck to continue! Dexter was surrendered to a vet clinic by his owners when they realized they could no longer give him the care he needed. Dexter’s skin was in very bad shape. The owners thought euthanasia would be best for him but given he was a young senior and a WONDERFUL dog, the vet clinic knew they needed to help him.  With care from the compassionate staff and extra care from a dedicated vet assistant, they have worked to get Dexter to a place where he could be adopted to a home with people who could afford his needs and keep him forever.

A chocolate lab who weighs about 75 pounds, he does have arthritis in his hips and back. For this Dexter receives adequan injections. He has suffered from chronic allergies that regular medicated bathing, cytopoint injections and apoquel have helped. He is allergic to A LOT of foods. He is on a special diet that will be shared with potential adopters. Dexter’s adopter needs to be committed to keeping up with his care.

We are told that Dexter is social with other dogs but should be introduced to new dogs properly, in a neutral environment. He is great with cats! No one knows how he would be around children but he seems to love all people so kids may be fine as long as they are old enough to know not to pull upon or be rough with him, given his arthritis.

While Dexter has spent some time in the vet clinic kennel, he has also spent time in the home of the dedicated vet assistant. In both situations he has shown himself to be OK to stay alone with no signs of anxiety. He is good to manage quite a while before he needs a potty break. He will only bark to let you know he needs to get out to potty. Currently Dexter is staying at the vet clinic kennel, the hope is that very soon he will find a loving home to go to where he can show what a well behaved, loving boy he is.

Dexter enjoys going for walks. He will pull on leash if he’s given the opportunity. Getting out is so exciting! We are told he will correct when his walker has him do so. Dexter knows some base verbal commands and will come to his name. He can manage stairs at this time, this could change as he ages given his arthritis. One should keep that in mind if you have a home with a lot of stairs when considering adoption of a dog his size.

Let’s help the run of good luck Dexter has had since coming to the vet clinic! He is ready for a great adoptive home. If you can’t adopt him, won’t you please share Dexter with your friends to help him find the home he deserves?

Dexter is located in Spokane Valley, WA. Please email: placement@olddoghaven.org for contact information.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.