Doreen came to us after a lot of struggles. Her microchip went back to a notorious puppymill; we wonder how surprised the buyer was when they got their dog who was likely supposed to be a beagle but sure had the body and ears of a dachshund with the voice and eyes of a beagle! Or maybe she was supposed to be a dachshund and the first time she “barked” they got quite a shock. Somehow she ended up as a “stray” in a big shelter in LA with a large tumor hanging from her throat. She was flown up here with a large group of dogs and landed in another shelter where her terrible condition wasn’t noticed immediately. When we were asked to take her she was severely dehydrated, emaciated, and very weak. After a lot of IV fluids she felt better and settled into her ODH home – we started to hope she would survive. Ultrasound found MANY internal problems including another seemingly benign tumor and IBD and Cushings disease, but with treatment she gained weight and energy and her eyes started to sparkle. As we debated whether removing the one tumor was too much to ask of her, she suddenly collapsed with pain and very labored breathing. Her lungs filled up extremely quickly and her stomach distended; we decided not to make her suffer through any more, she’d had to endure so much already. We loved and valued Doreen and we believe she knew that. She passed away September, 2014.