At 14 years old, Duke F was confiscated by animal control from a tragic situation.  He had been tied up with other dogs and they were so entangled with the tie up rope that they were unable to reach an open bag of food nearby. Duke was terribly thin and while at the local humane society, he gained 10 pounds!

Understandably, at his age, Duke has considerable arthritis and ODH also made sure he had a complete veterinary checkup so any additional issues could be addressed.

Duke enjoys having lots of beds for naps and sleeping whenever he wants.  In spite of the horrendous conditions where he was found, Duke is a very sweet and gentle boy who is soaking up all the love and care he gets on a daily basis in his new, very loving home.

Some particular favorites for Duke are dog toys that have treats inside, long (leisurely) walks around the park, and meeting lots of new friends on his outings.

Duke’s Final Refuge Dad has been amazed at how fast he has adapted to his new home – almost like he has lived there forever!

This loving boy is a perfect demonstration of how dogs are able to leave the past behind and enjoy each and every new day.

Update:  Duke was such a lovely dog and truly enjoyed every day at his Final Refuge home.   Finally his mobility issues took over and he Dad had to let him go.  He was a very special boy and will be greatly missed.