Sweetie is an amazing example of how senior dogs can thrive in their new life. Her forever foster home tells us about her journey with Old Dog Haven.

“A local animal shelter contacted Old Dog Haven about a senior dog that had been found starving in a shed. We saw that face and instantly fell in love her! We could not believe a dog that had been starving and left without human companionship for so long could be so joyous.  She came to our home and instantly fit right in with her foster brothers and sisters. This girl was so gentle and sweet that we started calling her Sweetie.

“Sweetie had most likely been neglected for quite a while and had no idea how drastically her life was changing for the better.  As an Old Dog Haven foster dog, she would now get the love and medical care she needed.  Over the next month, Sweetie gained some much-needed weight, had lots of suspicious bumps biopsied, was spayed and had her mammary masses removed. Her bloodwork also showed she had low thyroid and was prescribed supplemental medication but other than minor issues, she was in very good health.  After we tended to her physical needs, we knew we had work to do to repair the emotional trauma and neglect she had experienced in her life.

“After a lonely life of living outdoors, it took Sweetie a while to settle in and learn how to be a family dog. She had many insecurities and was fearful of new situations. With lots of love and patience and time, she has transformed into a confident and resilient lady. Sweetie is full of energy and acts more like a puppy than a senior dog.  Her favorite things to do are chase deer and do zoomies around the yard at top speed. She also loves to wrestle and chase her foster brother, Jasper, and every night she cuddles up to her best friend, Dorothy.

“Everyone that meets Sweetie falls in love with her cheerful, kind personality and those soulful boxer eyes.  She will now be a part of a loving family who adores her caring for every need.  Sweetie brings so much joy to our family and we are so grateful to everyone at Old Dog Haven for allowing Sweetie to experience the carefree life dog deserves.”

Update:  Sweetie had to leave her loving family much too soon when she experienced sudden kidney failure.  She was the very best pup and relished every day with her new family.  Sweetie will be greatly missed by all her human family and her packmates.  We are comforted in knowing that Sweetie experienced the very best last chapter.