Duke is the absolute bestest boy there is! We certainly think he is royalty just as his name implies!

Duke is a sweet, loving 8 year old boy that has lots of personality! He loves to talk, and will tell you about his day when he greets you. He likes to “woo woo” and bark with happiness. He listens very carefully when you talk to him and will tilt his head back and forth at just the right times so you know he is listening carefully!

Duke loves playing with stuffed toys, chewing, dog beds and of course snacks! He lives with dogs and cats and does fine with everyone. HIs rescuers have been told he especially loves kids. There doesn’t seem to be a mean bone in his body. Duke loves meeting new people and will immediately begin “talking” to everyone he meets.

Duke has back leg weakness. At this time he still can jet around the house and yard just fine. He will need carpet or runners down as he does not do well on slick floors. While he can’t go for long walks, he absolutely loves to go for walks in a stroller. His rescuers have ordered him a custom wheelchair and this should allow him to start taking some walks and becoming a bit more mobile away from home!

Duke has potty issues because of his rear leg weakness. He will need someone familiar with expressing bladders. He is a big boy at 30 pounds so will need someone strong enough to lift him.

Duke does have some special needs, but his rescuers say his personality and loving demeanor more than make up for the extra care he needs.

Duke is located in Portland, Oregon with Pacific Pug Rescue.  If you are interested in learning more please contact adoptions@pacificpugrescue.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.


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