Duke is a senior of unknown breeding – long legs and jowls on a shepherd background. Despite his long shelter stay (where he was found tied to the gate), this is a happy dog who just wants to please. He’s very gentle and loving, good with other dogs and cats, good on a leash and very well-mannered. Of course, he does love to lounge on the couch (his throne) and cuddle with you on the bed, but he also loves to play ball and just have fun. Duke evidently has torn ligaments in his knees and one leg doesn’t always work well, but this doesn’t affect his cheery, loving attitude. Duke found his forever home with his foster family and is great at welcoming new dogs and showing them the ropes. He is enjoying his foster family’s new home in the country with more areas to dig and a stream to cool off on warm days. Update: Duke spent nearly 8 years in his ODH home, becoming the elder statesman and Main Man of his family and the many foster dogs who came and went during that time. He struggled with mobility but LOVED the little farm they moved to and could be seen running with joy across the grass at times. Duke leaves a huge hole in his home but so many happy memories. Duke died August 2015.