Durango is a wonderful 13 year old terrier who weighs 11 pounds.  He has lived with kids, cats and another dog and he likes having them around. Durango doesn’t enjoy quick movements and needs time to get to know people before he becomes comfortable but once you show him that you are his friend….watch out because he will be all yours.  Any children in Durango’s new home should be over 10 years old and be able to respect him. He does have accidents in the house but, with time, should be able to prove that he has good manners. During his stay at the shelter, Durango has now had a dental and bloodwork and is ready to find a calm loving home!

Durango is posted for the Everett Animal Shelter, 333 Smith Island Rd, Everett WA, 425-257-6000. He is available to meet 11-5 daily except holidays.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation. 


  • Everett Animal Shelter
  • Phone: 425-257-6000