Eddie was a “young senior” when he came into the shelter with obvious back problems and neurologic deficits. His outgoing happy personality, however, won over shelter staff and volunteers and ODH was asked to find him a spot. He went to a Final Refuge home and fit in really easily with the pack there, making friends with everyone he met. His intervertebral disc disease altered his movement and body posture but he didn’t complain and didn’t slow down! When his ODH mom saw him lying in the yard, obviously sick, she rushed him to the vet who referred him to a specialty center for diagnostics. Ultrasound found a large tumor on his liver and fluid already in his abdomen. Wanting him to have a chance for a long happy life, we went ahead with surgery but found far too many tumors around his organs to be removed. With great regret we let Eddie go. He had only a few weeks with his ODH family but he was much loved and very happy – what more could a great little dog ask? Eddie passed away June 2015.