Elmo, a Husky or Husky mix, came to ODH at 11 – 12 yrs old as an owner surrender due to circumstances beyond their control. He is a quiet, gentle, old soul who took a few days to figure out what happened but has settled in well. He has been welcomed into his foster home by his person and other dogs.

Elmo continues his workup at this time but his main issue is arthritis and pain control. He has problems with his back legs/hips and getting up. Elmo is a trooper and although moves slows, he gets around most of the time. With the use of a HelpEmUp harness, we can make his getting around much easier. His x-rays show mostly spine issues and with ODH and his vet’s help,we are currently getting his pain medications adjusted.

Elmo takes daily pain meds, fish oil, and glucosamine. With ODH’s help, we will have Elmo feeling better!  Elmo loves sleeping on his dog bed and near his person!

Update:  After much too short a time, we had to say goodbye to dear Elmo.  His mobility suddenly worsened and we were no longer able to keep him comfortable.   Though Elmo’s time with his loving foster mom was short, we know that he felt all the love and care that she gave him.  He will be remembered – such a dear boy.