Wicket is blind and has 6 teeth left but she rules over the house, despite being the smallest dog there at 11 pounds. She isn’t afraid to tell the big dogs what’s what. Wicket likes to have things her own way. She will squeak loudly at her ODH mom if she wants to sit in her lap while working on the computer. At the park, she likes growling at big dogs from her Dogger. She likes going for rides in the car; if her mom is getting ready to leave, she squeezes through the baby gate and flies towards the back door so that she doesn’t get left behind. Wicket charms everyone she meets with her snaggletooth and big personality. She waddles up to new friends and flops over for belly rubs. She likes playing with toys, giving them a “vicious” head shake and throwing them around. Wicket has lots of health problems, including a heart murmur and tracheal collapse, but it doesn’t stop her from having adventures!

Update:  After 4 1/2 years in her wonderful home, Wicket’s foster mom finally had to say goodbye.  She was such a big personality in a very small package – and loved by so many.