Elsie was picked up by Animal Control and taken to the vet who found she was blind, with very damaged painful eyes, and emaciated. It took nearly a month to convince the owner to give her up. ODH had been asked early on if we could take her, so when she finally landed at the shelter we jumped to find her a foster home. Sweet sweet Ellie-Belle, as her mom calls her, began eating with enthusiasm and was incredibly happy to be in a warm, loving home with 2 other beagles. She had an immediate medical check, followed by an ultrasound to try to find the reason for her emaciation and strange blood values, followed immediately by an ophthalmologist exam. This wonderful girl took it all in stride, friendly to all, calm and cooperative, and just so happy to have gentle touch and of course FOOD. Her eyes are stable at this point with lots of drops, though they will probably be removed when she is strong enough for surgery. We still don’t know whether she has EPI (causing mal-absorption of the food she eats), inflammatory bowel disease, or perhaps cancer. Ellie-Belle just knows she’s happy and safe and eating. We are treating her bladder infection, treating for possible EPI and IBD with medication plus supplements plus special diet. We’ll hope she gains weight and we can post updates as she recovers – whatever happens, she surely is loved and returning all the affection offered to her. Elsie, a tremendously stoic and determined survivor, fought the good fight for 2-1/2 years but all her genetic curses finally were too much. She loved her very devoted ODH mom, she loved her kitty, and she loved being valued and cared for – and fed! – after being so horribly neglected for so long. Elsie died June 8, 2015.