Taken from his owner after neighbors complained he was neglected and mistreated, Jack spent 5 months in an animal control shelter. The shelter staff grew fond of Jack and asked Old Dog Haven to find a home for him. In January 2010 Jack joined an ODH family with two herding dogs on a 5-acre hobby farm. Jack soon captured everyone’s heart and became the enigmatic old sage of the household. With his calm manner and goofy smile, Jack was everyone’s favorite. Jack was a gentle soul. While some thought he looked like a junkyard dog, others saw him as a well-worn fedora. Jack was a silly boy. He did not like to get his dainty feet wet. On his first hike in the woods he stopped dead in his tracks and refused to wade through a small stream. He had to be carried across the stream before he would continue walking and never wanted to go on a hike again. When his picture first appeared on the ODH web site, a woman from California began to sponsor Jack. Soon she was visiting Jack each year at his ODH home. Jack had 4 and a half years in his ODH home. His ODH family and friends bid him farewell in June 2014. Jack left behind wonderful memories and a lasting friendship between his ODH family and his beloved sponsor.