Sweet little Emma Pearl started off labelled “unnamed little old lady”at the shelter. One of our ODH families saw her  picture on our website, looking very sad, and fell in love. It turns out the little girl had not been spayed, had a mammary tumor, a very sore back, a growth on her head, a dreadful skin infection (her entire back, tummy, underside and tail was hairless with sores and itched so badly all she did was chew), and several teeth that she had worn down to nothing by chewing her own skin. Even with all these issues, when her family picked her up from the transport volunteer the little girl, now named Emma Pearl, settled right onto her foster Dad’s lap (and heart). We didn’t know for sure how old she was, but the dentist estimates at least 15 – or more. And her breed was also in question – she was likely a Chihuahua mix, but looked truly like a very tiny (11 lb) border collie!

She came through two surgeries and a major dental with flying colors and thankfully all her tumors were benign. Emma Pearl become an active member of her pack of other old dogs and enjoyed trying to herd them away from Mom and Dad so she could get more petting. She followed her humans around constantly and then found nearest soft bed to nap in whenever possible. She was very special and one of the sweetest dogs ever. Her passion in the summer was finding pears that had dropped off a neighbor’s tree and sneaking them inside the house for a snack!

Her family was hoping for years with this little darling but that was not to be. Suddenly one afternoon she had a series of massive seizures that caused such brain damage it was time to say good-bye.

Dear Emma Pearl – all who knew you will miss you and your family is eternally grateful for the year of joy you brought to them.