Essley came to Old Dog Haven from a very traumatic situation for a very old dog. Her owner had to have urgent surgery and was unable to care for Essley. She was left alone in a house, in a refrigerator box, with someone checking on her every two to three days.

When ODH heard about her situation, she was immediately picked up and placed in an Old Dog Haven foster home. Essley came to Old Dog Haven battling many health conditions including fleas, a corneal ulcer, anemia, terrible teeth, seriously elevated liver and pancreatic enzymes, a significant growth on her lower front leg, and a possible heart condition.

Essley’s foster mom reports that this girl is amazingly resilient for a dog that they think is between 18-20 years old. Essley was very underweight when she first arrived and spent the first few weeks making up for lost time by eating quite a bit and sleeping. She now enjoys being part of a pack of senior dogs and her family is honored to be able to help her transition into her new life.

Thanks to Old Dog Haven, Essley is now receiving the medical care she needs to be comfortable and is surrounded by love and attention in her permanent foster home.

Update:  After three months of love and care, dear Essley finally needed to leave.  She was chrished in her new home and though the time was much shorter than we would have liked, this little girl enjoyed every minute and had a wonderful last chapter.