So often we never know the history of the dogs that come into Old Dog Haven care. Faline is one of those, a mystery. People ask: How did such a petite, pretty dog end up “stray”?

Old Dog Haven was asked to find Faline a home when the shelter staff realized she wasn’t going to be adoptable.  In her case it was not just because she was an older dog in need of medical care but also because she was terrified at the shelter. We don’t know why Faline is so frightened of people. She certainly didn’t look abused when she arrived at the shelter—she was underweight and dirty but there was no sign of physical abuse. Faline doesn’t try to bite, she just screams a blood curdling scream when you approach her or try to touch her. She will often run away screaming. Her ODH Final Refuge family reports that she likes to hide in small spaces—the cubby in a closet or a crate in the living room they leave open specifically for her.

Faline’s people are allowing her to take the time she needs to feel comfortable and safe in their home. They are seeing small signs of improvement, signs that she is learning to trust she is safe and loved. It helps that Faline sees the other dogs in her Final Refuge home are confident and happy. So often a new dog can learn from established dogs in a home by following their cues.

Thanks to donations to ODH, Faline had a thorough intake exam which had to be done in two appointments so that she wasn’t overwhelmed. She’s now had a dental and seven rotting teeth were pulled. As a result, Faline is eating well and she’s gained the weight she needed to gain. Physically, she’s doing well and with more patience and good care we hope to get her emotionally well too.

Update:  After almost 4 years, this little girl’s health finally failed her and her loving Final Refuge home had to say goodbye.  She was blessed to have a loving and very patient Final Refuge home that allowed her to heal at her own pace and truly join the pack and family.  She will be deeply  missed.