“Hi, I am Queenie the mini Schnoodle – a fancy breed for a fancy gal like me. You see, I am a mini Schnauzer and mini Poodle mix.

“A few years ago, I found myself wandering the streets of a big city, fending for myself. I was brought to the local Humane Society where some very nice folks took care of me and placed me with an Old Dog Haven furever family. Little did they know how I was going to change this family’s life.

“Let me tell ya mom and dad’s place was like Lord of the flies with dogs when I got here. I inherited 2 rescued Shih Tzu brothers who are constantly running around chasing each other and making a ruckus. That looks very fun and should not be allowed during work hours! I appointed myself as the official Fun Police and make sure they knew that no fun whatsoever should be had under my supervision. The boys were also very marginal in their hooman and home protection skills. I had to make repeat demonstrations on how to deter sketchy people in uniforms and well groomed canines by giving aggressive closeup sniffing. All I can say is they aren’t fast learners, but lucky for mom and dad I am here to hold down the fort.

“It’s a FACT there are many experienced canine home-order-restorers and hooman-protectors waiting to put their skills to good use. I can’t imagine how many homes are in desperate need for their services. Please support Old Dog Haven’s mission so more homes can be rescued from chaos!”

Update:  Dear Queenie relished every day in her Final Refuge Family.  She took very good care of them and educated all her foster brothers.  Queenie’s cancer finally made it so we had to say goodbye to this very memorable girl.  A big presence in a small package.