Felicia, a MinPin about 10 years old and 12 pounds, is a happy, sweet, smart, alert, determined, charming little girl. After being through a major surgery to remove a huge benign fatty tumor – check out her progression on our Maranda Fund page – she believes that obstacles are just what you overcome. Her preference, though, is to find a nice comfortable spot to settle down and relax. She gets along well with the other dogs in her foster home, and probably only chases the cats because they run away. She is crate-trained, enjoys car-rides, and is great in social situations. Felicia likes to share a chair or sofa but isn’t a particularly clingy dog – just a sweet one. Her final refuge home has to watch her weight, put artificial tears in her eyes, and watch for bladder infections. She loves her newly regained girlish figure, of course, and enjoys special outfits to show it off in public! Felicia has been through a lot and is still a happy girl. Though her eyes continue to worsen, we will keep her comfortable and hope she has lots more time with her family.

Update:  After starting by being our Maranda Fund poster girl, little Felicia had 3-1/2 years of being comfortable, happy and loved in her ODH home.    Failing kidneys, arthritis and liver disease all converged at once and finally it was just too much for a little old body.   From the beginning, great efforts by her ODH mom, vets and donors made it possible for her to enjoy her life to a ripe old age – she was very worth it.    She will be remembered with a smile.



Felicia – before her Miranda Fund surgery


Felicia after her surgery