This tiny, senior Yorkie found himself in a busy shelter and quickly became a favorite among the shelter staff. They named him Fievel Mousekewitz after the lost and lonely mouse in the movie “The American Tail.” When Fievel arrived at the shelter, he was extremely thin and weighed only four pounds. He had been living with many health issues including ear infections, a bladder infection, and severe dental problems. He was also battling pancreatitis and potentially had a hernia. As an old dog in a shelter with no chance of adoption, Fievel was overwhelmed, terrified, and almost hopeless.

Now that Fievel is safe in an Old Dog Haven foster home, he is undergoing treatment for his many medical needs and his life is turning around. His foster mom reports that when she is not holding or singing to him, he now spends his days being cuddled by his Shih Tzu sister and basking in the sun.  Her greatest joy is watching him blossom and transform into a loved member of the family. Fievel still has a long road to recovery ahead,  but this little boy is resilient and determined to enjoy every moment of his new life. His new family is grateful to Old Dog Haven for giving Fievel the life he finally deserves.