Freckles ended up in a huge shelter at 13, after he was picked up off-leash in his neighborhood and the owner wouldn’t admit he was her dog. Evidently he wasn’t worth paying the fine for? Freckles came to ODH with a nasty case of pneumonia from kennel cough acquired at the shelter – no doubt he’d not been vaccinated in the past. After emergency treatment for his lungs, this tough old guy regained his health quickly and has settled into a Final Refuge home and a little pack of senior dogs. Though he’s not super trusting of strangers, he enjoys the farm, “helping” with the goats, and keeping the couch warm. So far Freckles doesn’t act at all like an old man and we hope he’ll enjoy himself for many more months.

Update:  Freckles lived to a ripe old age – 16-17 – with his health declining only at the very end.    He was adored by his ODH family and will be missed.