Fudge is probably a Lab/Newfoundland mix; he was adopted from a shelter as a young dog. He developed allergies which his new family wanted to treat “naturally” but really couldn’t or wouldn’t spend the money or effort to do that. With constant scratching and severe ear infections, he began to smell so badly (from the yeast) that he was banished outdoors and could only look in to watch his people. After nearly 7 years of this, his family asked ODH to take him. His Final Refuge mom and our determined vet set to work, and Fudge has transformed from a miserable dog in really horrifying condition to a confident, happy and active guy who loves to run around the property with other dogs, herd the goats, chase deer into frozen ponds (not a good idea), and be part of the family. It has taken a great deal of effort, countless medicated shampoos, many medications, and careful diet and we expect that he will always be itchy at some times of the year. But the hair is coming back, there is a light in his eyes, and he is comfortable and loved.

Update:  For more than 5 years in his ODH home, Fudge survived one adventure and medical challenge after another thanks to huge efforts by his ODH mom and vets. Sometimes his own worst enemy, he managed to continue making his family laugh (and sometimes swear in frustration) and just keep on ticking. His heart disease finally caught up to him and he left very quickly – he leaves a giant hole in their home.

There will never be another Fudge!