Marcia Jean came to ODH from her owner when the family’s circumstances made it impossible to keep her. She was 15 years old with an eye that had ruptured more than once and caused considerable pain but her owner had been unwilling to remove it. She was also depressed and had a major bladder infection. We treated the bladder infection and had her eye removed as soon as possible. When she came home from the hospital she was a new dog: a dog no longer in pain. Since then she has settled into a household with two other small ODH dogs. It has taken her a while to accept that this is her home now and that she will never have to move again. Each day, her sweet personality shows a little more. Marcia Jean loves belly rubs, walkies, and snuggles. Recently MJ has been diagnosed with kidney disease, but we caught it early and hope to manage it for a long time to come.

Update:  Little Marcia Jean’s body failed her finally; at the age of 17 she was ready to leave. She was sent on her way after a wonderful day of celebration with friends and treats. She will be very much missed.