Gator is 12 years old, though he doesn’t look it at all.    And though the people there are great, he is so ready to get out of the shelter!    This very handsome and friendly dog thinks that he is the neighborhood welcome guy so a securely fenced yard will be important to keep him from going on outings. Gator can keep up with the young ones and loves to go on walks and even runs. No cats or small dogs for Gator because he just doesn’t care for them.

Gator has gone on lots of field trips and appearances while at the shelter and he is such a good boy!  He’s great in the car,  loved the coffee stand, and was very good at the pet store.  A meet and greet will be required with the resident dogs of any potential adopters.

Gator is posted for the Everett Animal Shelter located at 333 Smith Island Rd, Everett WA. 425-257-6000. Gator is available to meet 11-5 daily except holidays.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.

  • Everett Animal Shelter
  • Phone: 425-257-6000