Little Gimli was near death when he was rescued by animal control officers. He had a lung infection that made him cough so hard his skinny, arthritic legs couldn’t hold him upright. He also had a urinary tract infection, worms, scabs all over his face and torso, and crusty, inflamed bald skin. Many of his teeth were broken in half and blackened by disease. He was a mess and he was suffering.

Yet this little 15-year-old Italian greyhound/Chihuahua mix still wagged his tail and wanted to crawl into the laps of all the people he met! Old Dog Haven was able to quickly get Gimli out of the noisy shelter and into a loving Final Refuge home, and within a week he started to improve: Antibiotics cleared up his cough and UTI, and dewormers, medicated baths, and flea treatment worked their magic on his skin and coat. A four hour dental surgery removed most of his broken, rotted teeth and repaired a fistula (where a rotten tooth had opened a hole between his mouth and nose) to the extent possible for healing. Within a month of this much-needed veterinary care and lots of love from his ODH forever family, Gimli looked like a completely different dog!

Gimli will always be arthritic, walk kind of funny, and have that hole in his mouth, but he doesn’t let that slow him down! He’s the world’s sleepiest door alarm, lap warmer, and best friend. He also has some strong opinions about the neighbor dogs. Gimli’s heart-shaped face is full of love, and every morning when he looks at his people, his expression melts into a crooked, single-toothed smile of delight. How can eight little pounds hold so much sweetness?

Update:  It was finally time that little Gimli’s mom had to say goodbye to him.  Here is her tribute to her special and very loved little fellow:

“The world lost 9 pounds of love today….I can’t even think what I’ll miss the most. How you always had to have the last bark when walking away from another dog. The way you would squirm out of belly bands, looking proud of yourself. The way you stared into my eyes when you were scared, but did whatever they told you at the vet because you were so brave. How your breath made this sweet, sighing noise when it came in and out of your old rusty lungs, and how that sound was like a blanket to me. A sound of home.
Thank you for being a part of our life. Man, this Old Dog Haven stuff can be tough.”


Gimli when he arrived (L) and after one month of good care (R)