Like most of our beloved seniors, we don’t know how sweet Nigel ended up in a shelter. This “young old dog” is about eight years old, but he suffers with advanced arthritis that requires daily medications for pain relief as well as laryngeal paralysis (“lar par”). Like many dogs in shelter environments Nigel caught kennel cough, though Nigel’s quickly turned to pneumonia. And then he experienced a very serious condition called gastric dilation and volvulus (GDV) commonly called “twisted stomach.” This is a life-threatening and terribly painful emergency situation most common to large-chested, active dogs.

Once Nigel arrived at his ODH Final Refuge home, his person at first thought maybe he was a stubborn old fella or just didn’t like him much (!)  since he was ignoring him. But he quickly discovered that Nigel is about 85% deaf. Nigel can hear a little – just not much. He also has cataracts and crummy teeth. His person shares that, “Poor guy. In pain, can’t hear, tummy issues, wandering the streets all alone –  breaks my heart to think of it!”

Despite all of these big challenges, Nigel’s person tells us, “He is about as sweet as they come! Those big droopy eyes, looking at you… all he wants to do is get loves, pretend he is a lap dog and go on nice, slow walks. And sleep. He loves to sleep. And because of the “lar par” he has a cute snore while he does it!”

Nigel and his forever person are so grateful for the health care Nigel will receive through Old Dog Haven and your support: “Because of this amazing organization, he will live out the rest of his years as healthy as possible and never know what being alone on the streets feels like ever again!”

Update from Nigel’s family:

Sweet Nigel went to the rainbow bridge last night. He gave us so much love, laughs, attitude when he wanted  and  he was just an all around amazing old guy! He will be greatly missed!

So snuggly