“Well, Hello! My name is Ginger. You’re seeing me here because I need to find an adoptive home very soon. I am a 9 year old border collie mix who weighs 45 pounds. My owners passed away tragically and family came to care for me and my best friend Skooter. We are grateful extended family has cared for us but they cannot keep us forever. We are still with them but we only have a few more days before they have to leave which means we need adopters!

“Skooter and I have been together for a very long time. We had hoped to stay together forever but no one is interested in adopting us as a pair so I’m striking out on my own. Of course, if magic happens and we find a home together, that would be THE BEST. But we don’t want to land in a shelter and be separated there or wait forever to finally find someone who’d take both of us.

“So now that I have that out there, I will say I was never socialized with other dogs, just Skooter. This is a disadvantage of course, but perhaps if you know a lot about dogs and how to introduce them and integrate new ones into a home, I could learn to accept other dogs? I can’t promise anything because how can you promise to act a certain way when you’ve never experienced it before? I don’t want to live with cats but kids that are 10 and older could be nice. I’m an active girl so maybe your kids would want to run and play with me?

“I went through obedience training years ago. It’s been a bit since I had any practice. I’m ready for a refresher course on how to walk well on leash. I get a little excited sometimes so I can pull.  I’m still young! I need exercise! “A happy dog is a tired dog”, so they say. I can do stairs and I’m a pro at getting out to potty when I need to because I have always had a dog door. I will bark to let you know there’s an animal or human walking by the house.

“Staying alone is never something a dog is a happy about; we are social creatures, we love companionship. But it’s not healthy for a dog to be with their humans all of the time! It makes a dog anxious when their person has to leave. Since I’m used to having another dog to stay with when the humans have left, it could be different for me when I’m adopted and he’s not there. I’ve never been considered an “anxious” dog and would like to remain that way! I try very hard to be the best girl.

“My extended family will tell you that I am a very loving girl. I will put my paw on you for attention. Please know that rehoming me and Skooter was because of tragedy and heartbreak. To lose both of our owners in a very short time was so sad for all of us, especially for the child in our home. Everyone has done their best. But sometimes things don’t work out as planned so we move on to the next chapter and hope for healing in our new beginnings.”

Ginger is located in Milton, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is a courtesy post. Ginger is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.