Girlie, whose name was Lady before she “grew” into this one, is a very tiny Sheltie. Her owner died, the family couldn’t care for her so she was left at the groomer and taken home by someone who was such herself and couldn’t keep the dog. Enter ODH to find her a foster home, fix her mouthful of rotten tech and get the polyp out of her colon, which corrected the problem in her liver. Since then, Girlie has blossomed – at the ripe old age of 14 at that point – into an absolute dream of a dog who loves sheep-herding (when the weather is nice). Pretty cool for a dog this age! She also loves the snow, teenagers, and Christmas, but mostly she loves herding. She’s a gorgeous dog and a very happy one!

Update:  Girlie managed to stay basically healthy, remarkably active, and very happy for a very long time. She traveled the US, wintered in Florida, attended herding trials, and thoroughly enjoyed herself. Nearing 19 years old, her body finally couldn’t fight back from a trauma and she was sent on her way with a great deal of love.