This handsome fellow (Archie) is a large chocolate lab/pitbull mix who came from a busy shelter with a questionable prognosis on how long he would be with us. He has cutaneous lymphoma and a collapsing trachea, and a few other lumps and dangly things that just make him more unique. The vet said he is like a Christmas tree with lots of cool ornaments and festive things.

Weirdly enough, his ulcerated mast cell tumors have healed over and they are just smooth bumps – he has a lot of them but they are all looking so much better. He has put on 14 pounds and he’s shiny and fit looking. In between his naps and senior moments, he has some puppy episodes where he’s quite animated and in the middle of everything.

We think he found the fountain of youth in a koi pond because after he started swimming laps and talking to the fish, his tumors calmed down and his joints were less stiff. He considers himself an
aquatic ecologist and he’s very attuned to the frogs and water striders in his pond. The cooler weather doesn’t slow him down so we have to limit his trips to the inky deeps to keep the chills away. Archie loves everyone and everything and is just so grateful to have a roof over his head and food. He doesn’t expect much so he’s really excited when he gets attention and homemade biscuits.

Update:  Archie’s cancer overtook him very suddenly, after a long period of seeming remission.  He was a happy fellow until the last day, swimming in the pond and making everyone smile.    He will be missed.