Gonzo. What else can you name a dog with a huge mass of curls and a beaker with beady little eyes, albeit they both have cataracts… I got to pick him up straight from the shelter. He was turned in as a stray, but apparently he didn’t get the memo because he’s really a big diva and was not apprehensive like so many of our Old Dog Haven dogs.

He jumped in my car and gave me stink kisses immediately. He had bad teeth, a grade 5 heart murmur, and experienced these strange vestibular-type events. An MRI showed a recent cerebellar stroke and determined these episodes were likely a result of that stroke. They are fewer and far between now, to the point where his poor brain may have adapted. He will be getting a dental to remove the last of his diseased teeth and we’re happy to report there’s no signs of heart failure, just some heart enlargement pushing on his trachea for which he has medicine to control the ensuing minor cough.

Gonzo is a serious daddy’s boy. He doesn’t always like to share his humans with our three resident dogs but he’s learning. He is a bouncy, alert and loving little guy. He loves getting dressed up and is a perfect little ambassador at our ODH meet & greet outreach events. Thank you ODH for entrusting us with his love and care!