Gordon, who seems to be a bichon frise with poodle or something a little bigger, came to ODH after his person died and the family couldn’t keep him longterm.  He was quite depressed and uncertain when he arrived at his Final Refuge home, and not able to get around very far.  We didn’t know if that was because of arthritis, weakness from lack of exercise, or diminished eyesight.

With time and patience from his ODH family, he’s become much more active and strong and enjoys walks as well as
supervising work on the garden.    Unfortunately, our vet found a large mass in his lung with some evidence of metastasis.

Understanding that his time will no doubt be limited, his family is keeping him as comfortable as possible and enjoying his company.    As they commented, “We have come to see that he is brave, mellow, courageous and optimistic – he never lets his issues interfere with doing his best.”  A true ODH dog!

Update:  Sweet Gordon loved it in his Final Refuge family so much that he was able to stay with us much longer than his advanced age and condition would have indicated.  Finally, however, his family had to say good-bye to this amazing boy.  He overcame so much and we are very grateful he had such a lovely last chapter.  He knew he was much loved and we know he loved us back.  Gordon will be greatly missed!