Magical Grace is Old Dog Haven’s unicorn! Her Final Refuge parents call her their “unicorn dog” because of the special little bump on her head that looks like she is trying to grow a unicorn horn. Grace was surrendered to a shelter after her owner passed away. She had multiple mammary growths and absolutely terrible breath, but her happy, affectionate personality won over the shelter staff, who contacted ODH. When she first arrived at her ODH home, she jumped out of her crate, ran up the front steps, and scratched at the door to be let in as if she knew she was home.

Grace had a tough road ahead of her, since she needed to be spayed, have her mammary growths removed, and have some badly needed dental work. After a few weeks in her new home to make sure she was healthy enough for anesthesia, the awesome team at NE Veterinary Hospital performed her surgery, removing the masses and seventeen teeth! But this tough lady bounced back from surgery quickly and luckily the growths were all found to be benign.

Grace is 100% dachshund and has all the classic traits of the breed. She loves to burrow under blankets, play with squeaky toys, nap in the sun, and defend her castle with the loudest barks she can muster. She also does amazing snoring duets with her brother Quigley. Her cheerful tail wags and friendly disposition win over all the people and dogs that she meets. If you’ve loved a dachshund, you know how special they are. Please sponsor Grace and share her unicorn magic!

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Grace as a Unicorn

Ahhhh the life!!!