Graham is a 10 year old yellow labrador retriever. This big boy weighs 100 pounds. He is your typical lab who loves his daily walks, playing fetch and going for swims. Graham has never lived with another dog but his family believes he could be OK living with another dog with proper introduction and gradual integration. Graham has lived with a cat and children. He does best with kids that are at least 10 years old and older. Graham is not fond of new people getting in his face while petting him.

This playful boy is a fun companion. We are told his favorite thing is to go for a ride in the car with his person. He is described as being “great on leash”. He will bark to let you know it is close to meal time or when a delivery driver has arrived. If you have neighbors who won’t appreciate a dog who barks often, Graham is not the dog for you. Graham is a very smart boy who would be happier in a home that has less activity than his current home now. A quieter home with more time for walks, fetch and car rides would make him happiest.

While he is OK to stay home alone now, he will need time to adjust in his new home to being left alone. Graham has had the same family for all of his life. Now that things must change for him, we hope to find an adopter who will be mindful and understanding of this. We are told Graham can manage quite a few hours before he requires a potty break. He can manage stairs at this time but given his size, one must keep in mind a home with many stairs could be difficult for him to manage as he ages.

Handsome Graham is located in Lakewood, WA. For more information about him, please email:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.