Happy’s name is incredibly fitting! This handsome labrador came into the shelter with a huge growth on the outside of one hind foot, making him unable to use that leg normally so that he staggered around pretty badly. He also suffered from laryngeal paralysis, so common in this breed. His attitude was still happy though and once he got to his ODH home that tail just start wagging and didn’t stop. For some time bandaging the foot was enough to give him traction and comfort, but the growth became ulcerated and a second mass appeared in the nailbed next to it. After much discussion we had the surgical specialist remove the toe with the mass wrapped around it and also removed the nailbed tumor. Both were malignant, we don’t know whether all the cells were removed or not – the foot is such a difficult place to work.

Happy recovered very easily and was delighted to be able to move much more normally now – never missed the toe at all. He enjoys every day and his ODH family enjoys watching him. No one knows whether the cancers will return but Happy knows only that he is comfortable, very much loved, and getting a kick out of life. Those labradors surely have liked the snow this winter!

Update:  Happy was comfortable and VERY much happy after his surgery for several months.  When that changed, he was sent on his way with a lot of love, leaving many smiles for his memory.