What a cutie Heidi is! We are told she is an 11 year old terrier mix who weighs 25 pounds.

Described by her people as “loyal, sweet and loving” she is ready for a calm home where there are people or other animals around most of the time. We think Heidi looks like a “Disney” dog!

Heidi’s owner passed away and extended family took her in. She did very well integrating into their home with 2 large dogs. Reportedly she does well with other dogs so if you have a home with another friendly mature dog, Heidi could make a great addition to your home!  Heidi has a prey drive when it comes to cats so she needs a feline free home. Heidi has done well with gentle children.

Since joining her current family, Heidi has not been left alone. She has had the company of the other dogs in the home when the humans have left. This means no one is sure how she’d do if left completely alone. For this reason the belief is a home with at least another welcoming, older dog would be good for Heidi. One must always count on an adjustment period with any adoption regardless of the age of a dog. Heidi will need to be shown compassion and patience in this move.

Heidi can manage quite a few hours between potty breaks. She can manage stairs and sounds like a fairly active girl. Heidi enjoys daily walks or runs. Heidi will lunge at the mailman or bicycles passing by (it’s the terrier in her!), so one should be prepared for that. She’s a smart girl so we would bet some training would help her walk manners and help develop the bond between her and her new people. When it’s time for bed Heidi loves to get into bed with her humans, it’d be nice if she found a home where that is continued to be the case.

Heidi would rather stay home than be your ride-along-in-the-car-buddy as she is not a fan of car rides.  She will bark like a dog does to let you know someone has arrived to your home and she will bark when people pass by the house (if she can see them). A dog who alerts is good to have around as long as you don’t have neighbors who mind it.

Heidi’s family tell us she is “happy and spry”. She has not had a full senior check up with labs and a urinalysis so an adopter should count on doing this for her and continuing her lifelong veterinary care. Heidi is full of life and love, a young senior who will enrich someone’s life for sure!

Heidi is located in Tacoma, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org