Lexi, a little 14 year-old Yorkshire terrier, was left at a big shelter when her owner passed away. She had several tumors, many missing or rotted teeth, a bad skin condition, numerous skin tags, and very low thyroid function–and it looked like she’d had several litters. The shelter asked Old Dog Haven for help and an ODH Final Refuge home was quickly found for Lexi. She was then immediately started on needed medications and special baths to heal her skin and given an ultrasound to be sure that she was spayed. When she was stable enough for surgery, she had a number of teeth removed as well as her tumors. Such a big relief for a little dog!

Turns out, a cleaned-up Lexi loves to dress up and wear clothes and she really, really enjoys snuggling in blankets. She lives in a two-generation home with three other dogs and her ODH mom tells us that they all get along great–they love to play and snuggle together and little Lexi acts like a mother to them all. Lexi loves car rides, too, and especially loves her special car seat. She follows her ODH mom around everywhere and shows affection to everyone: Lexi even visits a nursing home once a week to see her grandma and other residents in the home who love to see the dogs! Small balls and anything tiny and squeaky she can carry around while she attends to her pack are a big favorite.

Little Lexi has had some ongoing health issues, but thanks to your support of ODH she has been able to receive proper care for them. Laser therapy for neck pain and immunotherapy injections at intervals help manage her skin issues and anticonvulsants have stopped intermittent seizures. Like many of our ODH seniors, Lexi may be in the early stages of Cushing’s Disease but this is being monitored as well. Despite these challenges, her ODH mom tells us, “Lexi is a very good natured dog with a strong will to live! She’s smart and she is beautiful. We love her and she enjoys every day to the fullest. We work with the vet to keep her as healthy as possible and Lexi is a happy girl!”

Update:  Lexi was able to stay with her loving home almost 5 years!  A very long time for an ODH dog.  She dealt with many physical challenges and did fabulously until the very end.  Lexi was a real trouper and will be greatly missed.