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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Lexi, who seems to be a Yorkshire terrier, went to a big shelter when her owner passed away. She had several tumors which seemed superficial but made her unadoptable at the shelter. Her initial evaluation at the vet’s office included bad teeth (many were missing), a bad skin condition, and numerous skin tags. She also had a tumor on her back but it was found to be noncancerous. She also had very low thyroid function and it looked like she’d had several litters. She was started on medications for her skin and she now uses a special shampoo. Lexi returned for an ultrasound to be sure she was spayed; her organs indicate a possibility of early stages of Cushing’s disease. Lexi then had surgery to remove a number of teeth and four growths removed, and she was ready to settle into her Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home.

Lexi chills easily so she loves to wear clothes and snuggle in blankets. She lives in a two-generation home with three other dogs – she acts like a mother to them and loves them. The dogs get along great and love to play and snuggle together. Lexi loves to ride in her car seat and favors small balls and anything tiny and squeaky to carry around. She visits a nursing home once a week to see her grandma and other residents in the home who love to see the dogs.

Lexi is a good-natured dog with a strong will to live.  She’s smart and she is beautiful. Her ODH family loves her and she enjoys every day to the fullest. We work with the vet to keep her as healthy as possible.

Update:  Lexi had two dental extractions by a dental specialist and all went well.  Because of her fragile jaw, she now enjoys only soft food.  She loves our new ODH permanent foster, Gabby.  Lexi acts like the mother to all the dogs in our household even though there is only one smaller than than she is and she is not the oldest.  Her favorite thing is to dress up!

All in all, Lexi continues to be a happy girl who loves going for rides in the car, being with the other dogs at home, and showing affection to others.  She follows me everywhere and is very much loved.

Update:  Lexi is estimated to almost 14 years old.  Over the past year, she has experienced seizures and now that she is on anti-convulsants the seizures have stopped.  Occasionally, she has laser therapy when her neck causes her pain.  She also has hair loss in areas on her back so Lexi wears clothing.  She gets immunotherapy injections at intervals to help with her skin issues. Despite her complex health problems, Lexi is a happy girl!

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