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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Honey had originally been posted on Craigslist and sadly had been used as a breeder dog during her life. The person who had taken her in said she was in very bad shape with numerous health issues that caused her so much pain that she lost much of her appetite. She had worms, was flea-infested and needed treatment for glaucoma. The kind person who took her in could not provide Honey’s medical care, and she knew it was in her best interest to find someone who could help manage her health conditions and alleviate her pain.
Thankfully we had a new and very experienced applicant apply to be Honey’s foster home. After a few weeks, we are happy to report that Honey has adjusted very quickly to her new home and fits right in. She is eating good food, gaining weight and getting stronger every day.
Honey’s foster mom shares with us a wonderful update on her progress. 
“Honey is doing great! She has the good old chihuahua sass and her mobility has improved immensely. She struggled to walk when she got to us and had no concept of potty training. She has now managed to jump up onto the couch without any extra steps and has been accident-free for almost a week! 
“She has seen an ophthalmologist for her eye issues and has a follow-up in two weeks. Her ‘bad’ eye is stable but will most likely never have vision, even with a lens removal. Her other eye shows signs of inflammation so she is on medicated drops in both eyes twice daily until she can be rechecked.

“She settled into the family soon after she arrived and never showed signs of distress even with all of the recent changes she has endured. She has been eating since arriving and likes to help finish everyone else’s food. She loves doing farm chores and it gives me great joy to see her max out her speed running to catch up with me as I work outdoors.”

This lucky girl will now live the rest of her life in pure comfort surrounded by a family committed to giving her the best life possible!

Honey (Chi) is sponsored by:

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