In December of 2022, Benjamin Button (Benny), a 9 lb Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix was turned into the shelter as a stray. This little guy was in really rough shape. He had fur that was overgrown, matted and filthy and had oily, flaky skin and patches of missing hair.  Benny was deaf and had a big heart murmur, bronchitis, infected teeth, weakness in his back legs, large tumors in an ear canal, and highly elevated liver values.

His foster mom tells us about Benny’s journey to Old Dog Haven:

“Benny had been at the shelter for 3 weeks and although he was a shelter favorite for his sweet, gentle disposition, he was  becoming depressed and lethargic and he had withdrawn into a corner of his crate. This little guy was not a good candidate for adoption due to his age and various medical issues. Fortunately, Old Dog Haven stepped in to find him a loving, forever foster home and the veterinary care he needed. We were expecting  Benjamin Button to arrive as a fragile, shut down little dog. Apparently, he decided once he stepped into our home, that he was going to enjoy his new life and he’s been a little ball of energy ever since. We think it is about time this deserving little sweetheart lives his best life!

“Old Dog Haven has provided wonderful vet care to resolve the many health issues Benny has been dealing with. He had surgery to remove both large tumors in his ear, was neutered and they extracted all his seriously infected and painful teeth. Benny suffers from chronic bronchitis and the UTI’s and kidney stones and is currently on antibiotics.  His liver enzymes are now normal and he is feeling so much better.

“Benny gets along with everyone, dogs of all sizes, cats and even our frequent visiting garden bunny. He loves long walks, visiting friends, and doing zoomies. He absolutely detests baths and veterinary exams. He will point his little nose towards the sky and howl like a coyote to express his displeasure at any hint of any experiences he disapproves of.”

Little Benny does not care to be picked up and handled much and his very patient and loving foster family is slowly working with him to build trust and let him know he is now safe and very loved in his new home. Old Dog Haven will make sure Benny will always know what it is like to be part of a forever family!

Update:  Finally little Benny’s health issues were too much to manage and his loving family had to say goodbye.  This little character was very opinionated and one of a kind – he will be greatly missed by his Final Refuge family.