Little Humphrey was unrecognizable when left at the shelter for euthanasia; he was supposed to be a schnauzer so staff contacted Old Dog Haven’s “old schnauzer home”.     He was so horribly matted that he couldn’t see, so staff trimmed away from his face and then we headed to our wonderful groomer friends who stayed after closing on Saturday night to shave the rest off him.

Underneath all that hair we found an emaciated little fellow with hideously rotting teeth and sunken eyes, with some wounds on his legs from the balls of urine-soaked matted hair pulling on them.    He was very confused, wandering around crying.    However, he settled down right away in a lap and somehow managed to eat anything offered so we decided to try to get him through this.

After his first two weeks, Humphrey is becoming a dog.   He likes exploring outdoors, he loves eating four times a day, he follows his humans around and sleeps well.   The confusion and crying has stopped finally.    Whether he can become strong enough to make anesthesia for a dental a reasonable risk – that we don’t know yet.    Whether he can remember not to potty inside – we don’t know that yet either.     We do know that life is a whole lot better now and he’s a happy little fellow who knows he’s loved.

Update:  Dear little Humphrey was a very old man who just couldn’t overcome his previous neglect. He had a lot of snuggles, a TON of food, got to do some toddling around in the garden and even the pasture, was free from mats and knew he was very much loved.  We were able to give him that, but he just couldn’t stay as long as we would have liked.  You will be remembered dear Humphrey and always loved.