Marmaduke (Duke) is a Min Pin with cropped ears and tail. At 12 years old, he was adopted out of the shelter twice and brought back both times due to uncontrolled “accidents”, before they figured out he was diabetic. At this point, he was brought into the Final Refuge branch of the ODH family. Duke was like a walking skeleton, he was so thin and quite depressed from diabetes and being in the shelter. However, he felt comfortable within the first 4 hours of entering his ODH home. He is Very Busy. He must know what is going on all the time. The worst thing in his life are his twice daily diabetic shots. His favorite things are meals, which he manages even without teeth – thus the protruding tongue, and chasing the cat. His diabetes is under better control now but he still has to go outside about 10 times a day and wear a belly band inside. You’d never know he was 12 by the way he acts. He happily trots outside in all kinds of weather to take care of business with the other dogs in the house and comes out of a deep sleep in a split second at the sound of someone crossing the room, or a rabies tag clanging against a cat collar. Our vet and his ODH family continue to work on regulating his diabetes and getting him back up to a good weight and we hope he’ll have lots more fun months ahead.

Update:  After an amazing time in his Final Refuge home, little Duke’s body finally failed him and he went downhill suddenly.  His loving family knew it was time to let him go so they said good-bye to a very important part of their lives.  He will be missed very much by his family.