In very early 2013 the shelter asked us to take an old rottweiler who was seriously anemic and perhaps failing kidneys. Our “rottie home” agreed to take him for hospice care. Irwin, however, was clearly a mix of probably rottweiler with labrador, a handsome easy-going guy with a persistent low-grade anemia and slightly funky kidneys but feeling quite good, thank you. There were signs of change in his kidney function after about 21 months but we expected that with kidney diet and medication (and lots of loving care) he’d continue on as he was. Sadly, his kidneys gave out very suddenly and the anemia became profound – we’ll never know if there was cancer somewhere causing it. He so enjoyed his ODH family, labrador buddies, stacked dog beds, chasing the cat, and Christmas treats. Your people really loved you, dude. Irwin died January 5, 2015.