Bodie, an incredibly endearing miniature Schnauzer, came to us when a large number of dogs were confiscated from a hoarding situation. He stank beyond belief, was coated in disgusting stuff, but SO incredibly sweet and gentle. We treated his ears long enough to fix his constant head tilt, and now he leads the group on long walks – a lively and sturdy little guy. His gentle soul just loves being cuddled too, though he’s a bit big for a lap – but we don’t tell him that, we just hug him. After 4-1/2 years as a tremendously loved member of his ODH family, little Bodie was sent on his way. He’d been fighting a tumor in his nasal passage for several months; aggressive treatment and his determined spirit allowed us to have summer and even a Christmas gathering with his friends. We thank his devoted veterinarian, his understanding and generous groomer, and his “schnauzer friends” for making his time with us so much more comfortable. He was a special little dog who will be so missed. Bodie passed away December 30, 2014.