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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Ivy, a miniature Schnauzer mix, was turned into a local shelter as a stray. Her skin was inflamed and she had sores from a flea infestation. There was hardly any hair left on her body, legs and tail from constant chewing. And one of her dewclaws had grown into her foot and this was infected…this poor girl was a mess!  Since she wasn’t adoptable due to her health issues, the shelter contacted Old Dog Haven for help.  As soon as an ODH Final Refuge home was found, a wonderful ODH transporter picked her up and brought her to her new family.

Ivy didn’t waste any time settling in.  At first she was very scared and stressed from her time as a stray and at the shelter.  Before long though, she had discovered all the comfy dog beds and let her new family know that she really wanted to sleep on the bed (with her two ODH poodle sisters) and her Final Refuge mom and dad. Now that she’s receiving great vet care for her skin and infections and you can tell she already feels better.  Her ingrown dewclaw has been trimmed along with her other very long nails and walking is now much easier for her.

Her Final Refuge family is so pleased to have her join their pack and it is a delight to watch her personality emerge. However, the squirrels who frequent her backyard are not so pleased – Ivy seems to really enjoy keeping the yard a ‘squirrel free zone’.  She is a sweet soul and a wonderful addition to the family.  We are all thankful to Old Dog Haven and their supporters for the vet care that allows Ivy to heal and start her new life, safe and loved.

Ivy at the shelter

On the way home!

After her first bath

Day 1 at home – just beginning to rest up; her poor little legs were all red and bare

Hanging with her ODH poodle sister Malorie by the fire

Day 1 arriving home




Ivy after 4 months of good food, lots of love and time to grow a beautiful new coat!

Ivy is sponsored by:

  • Alex Campbell of Denver, CO - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Celeste Cole of Tacoma, WA for Helen VanNatta and Lynette Noyes - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Kathleen Flood of Kirkland, WA - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Cara Trimboli of Huntington Station, NY
  • Rebecca and Barry Ray of Coralville, IA