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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

We’re not sure what breed Coco is but he looks like a Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix to us. When Coco arrived he was a nervous boy–very shy and quiet but super sweet.

Coco needed extra attention since he was having problems with “leakage” and had to wear little doggie diapers. Fast-forward a month: After a few vet visits and a course of antibiotics the diapers were no longer needed. The veterinary care Coco received from Old Dog Haven was absolutely life altering for him.

In spite of a warm welcome from the rest of the pack you could tell he was a little hesitant as to where he fit in.  But now Coco has found his own personal spot on the couch and his place in the pack. He LOVES to adopt new people who come to visit and will frequently sit next to them for hours on end. It’s hard to believe he was ever such a nervous and scared boy.

Coco’s other favorite pastimes include giving a very vocal greeting to any of our visitors including the mail carrier and delivery drivers. He also loves carrying his toys around and taking them outside.

Coco is a a sweet and gentle boy who loves to cuddle and sleep quietly under the covers with his permanent foster parents and three other ODH Final Refuge dogs. Thank you friends for making Coco’s life so happy and carefree!

Coco (Chi/JRT Mix) is sponsored by:

  • Michelle Kimihira of Seattle, WA in honor of Julie Forbes and Darcie Boltz - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Aric Heathcoat of Everett, WA for Jordan - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Susan Parker of Seattle, WA - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Paul Pluth of Greenbank, WA - Lifetime Sponsor