CHLOE came into Old Dog Haven care as an Urgent Need dog from a small Shelter where she was having breathing difficulties. To get her to her Final Refuge Home required 3 different Volunteer Transporters, all synchronizing their schedules over several hours, including a Ferry ride, to ultimately deliver her to the veterinary clinic where her ODH mom and the doctor were waiting for her.

“Stat” x-rays revealed that she had very little lung capacity with which to breath – over 80% of her lungs were congested with severe aspiration pneumonia. But she had heart and she had sparkle, and so the decision was made to start treatment. She stayed at home with a comfy bed in a carpeted room, and cool green grass to lay on in the early mornings and late evenings. With an IV catheter in place, she was able to receive all her medications and treatments surrounded by her new family.

Chloe perked up and was interested in exploring her new home and walking around the yard checking everything out. Her breathing remained labored, but was helped by steam vaporizing in the bathroom and coupage. She slept on a pillow to keep her head and neck elevated to maximize air flow. Unfortunately however, she never wanted to eat – rotisserie chicken was the only thing she would occasionally pick at when hand fed or when it was placed in her mouth, and never enough to really be beneficial.

On the morning of her fourth day her breathing again became more of a struggle, and her sparkle had waned. It was time to say goodbye and let her go peacefully. Thank you Old Dog Haven and all the volunteers and donors who made it possible for Chloe’s final days to be in a home surrounded by people and dogs who loved her.