“Looking for a loyal, loving friend? I’m your guy! My name’s Jake and I turn 14 years old this June. I am a labrador retriever who weighs 65 pounds. I find myself in need of a home at my ripe age. My lifelong family has no time for me anymore.

“I’ve never lived with other dogs but I’m fine when I meet new dogs. I can be friendly but sometimes I just show no interest in other dogs. I’ve lived with cats. I’ve been good with kids, heck I helped raise one! I’m an old boy now though, so a home with gentle children would be kindest for me.

“I just had a very quick vet exam where it was determined I wasn’t ready to be sent on. The vet did note I may have laryngeal paralysis; a serious condition that can be common in labs. This is something that will need to be monitored for the rest of my days. It’s been many years since I had proper veterinary care. Given my age, I should have a full senior exam with blood work and a urinalysis. This will help determine how healthy my organs are and help my new family keep me well. True to my breed, I’m a happy boy who just keeps going, wagging tail and living each day to the fullest! 

“I can stay alone for quite a while alone without needing a potty break. I do my best to make my people happy. I’ll admit though, it’s not easy for us older dogs to do this. The same goes for stairs; while we may manage them, it’s not always easy on us. As we age, our peripheral vision goes and our joints don’t bend like they used to. I mention this because while my people will tell you I can do stairs now, I may not be able to forever. I’m not a dog who ​could be effortlessly carried up and down stairs.

“I love walks, I’m excellent on leash. I love people and spending time with them. I’m not a needy dog but I hope to find a family who will love me even half as much as I love them? I am in need of that home as soon as possible.”

Jake is currently in Mt. Vernon, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.