“Salutations! My name is Lulabelle (people also call me Lulu). I lost my beloved human friend of many years when she passed away in December. I have been missing her so much, and now I’m looking for a new friend who I can spend my days with. If you’re looking for a very sweet, faithful and loyal companion, you won’t be disappointed. I will gladly keep you company all day long and I’m also a very good snuggler!

“I’m an older girl at 11 years old, a nice small size (16 pounds), and enjoy short outings like gentle walks and trips in the car. I don’t like spending too much time alone; I do best when someone is home with me most of the day. I’ve never lived with other dogs, and I’m not too keen on that idea, but I have lived with lots of cats and get along with them swimmingly. My human friend always made homemade dog food for me, so I must admit that I’m a bit of a picky eater. I also take thyroid pills twice a day, but that is pretty easy as I gobble them up with my food.

“I’m a happy and loving gal. The people who are taking care of me while I look for my forever family say that my tail wags so enthusiastically that it spins around like a propeller when I welcome loved ones home — wouldn’t you like to be greeted like that?

“I’m looking forward to spending days and enjoying life with my new best friend!”

Lulubelle is posted for the Seattle Animal Shelter in Seattle, WA. Her Animal ID is #40644117. She is currently in a foster home and not at the shelter. If you are interested in meeting her, please fill out a Dog Adoption Questionnaire, available at www.seattle.gov/animal-shelter/find-an-animal/adopt/ and email it to adoptionreview@gmail.com. Alternatively, you may fill out or drop off the application at the Seattle Animal Shelter, located at 2061 15th Ave. W  (1 mile south of the Ballard Bridge, at the corner of W. Armory Way). The shelter is open Wednesday through Sunday, 1:00-6:00 pm.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.