Meet Jane. She sounds like a really great dog. Jane is in need of an adoptive home. She is a black lab mix who will turn 10 years old soon. She is currently very overweight, weighing in at about 120 pounds. It would be in her best interest to find an adopter who will help her lose  weight. Jane is good on leash and she really likes to go on walks; perfect for a gradual diet and gentle exercise plan! How about a 2020 New Year’s Resolution to help Jane slim down?

Jane was adopted from a shelter earlier this year. She met the adopter’s resident dog and all went well up until recently. This male dog is no longer tolerating Jane. They’ve gotten into a couple of fights and Jane had to go to the vet after the last one. We are told Jane will “test” big dogs when meeting them, getting in their face and barking at them. She is better behaved when meeting smaller dogs. Jane does protect her treats and food, giving dogs a warning growl. Her owner believes Jane would be happiest in a home without other dogs but perhaps a dog savvy owner with a submissive dog would work for Jane? It sounds as though she could use some training. Most important is that Jane doesn’t lose another home; she needs someone who is committed to her.

In spite of her size Jane can still manage stairs. She is good to stay inside without any issue when her person is away from home . Her owner reports she can go quite a few hours without needing a potty break. We are told Jane doesn’t like to go outside unless she HAS to go potty. It sounds like she is very well potty trained, not having any accidents since she was adopted. Jane does have a couple of fatty tumors and allergies that are said to be controlled with an antihistamine. Both are common in labs but there could be better alternatives for her allergies. Jane’s adopter should be willing and able to afford vet care for her for the rest of her days.

It is unknown how Jane would react to a cat. She has been around kids and done well with them. Jane sounds like she’d make a great dog for a family with children who know to treat her gently and with respect. Jane loves to hang out with people and she loves to cuddle. She’s a good girl for baths. Jane loves her toys and chewing on bones. Her owner says that she makes them laugh all of the time. Jane is a social butterfly; enjoying time out  meeting new people. Like we said, she sounds like a really great dog!

Jane is posted for her owner in McKenna, WA. For contact information please email:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.