When Jasmine lost her elderly owners she was taken to a shelter. Jasmine was adopted out several times but sadly returned each time. Old Dog Haven came to the rescue and saved this little girl.

At first, Jasmine had terrible separation anxiety. She barked and never wagged her tail. Her eyes were red and clouded-over and it was clear that she was in pain. We discovered that the red eyes were caused by untreated diabetes which resulted in bleeding ulcers in her eyes, and chronic pancreatitis, yet another source of her pain and discomfort.

Old Dog Haven provided the care Jasmine urgently needed and she is now receiving insulin treatments twice a day for her diabetes. She has also had surgery to remove her eyes which has alleviated her terrible pain. Jasmine’s prescription diet, which controls her chronic pancreatitis, is also provided by ODH.

Over time, being in a steady home has improved her separation anxiety and she now understands there is no need to worry about us leaving her. Poor Jasmine had many accidents in the house when she came here but now with regular potty breaks and a doggie door (she has no trouble using this despite her blindness) there have been no more accidents!

Now Jasmine trusts others, is ALWAYS happy and wagging that stubby tail.  Besides constantly wagging her stubby little tail, she prances around the house singing. Cuddling is her favorite thing! Mom stays home with her but when Dad comes home from work she knows before he gets there because she can hear his truck. Jasmine patiently waits by the front door for him to come home.

Even though Jasmine is now blind she loves life more than ever. She has taught me that even if you have a disability you can overcome it and love life.

Update:  Finally Jasmine’s health failed her and her loving family had to say goodbye.  She was such a brave and special girl that taught us all so much about living each day.  She will be greatly missed and was a true blessing for her family.  We are so grateful that Jasmine was able to have the perfect home for her for her last chapter.

before surgery