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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Noodle, a very small Maltipoo (?), found himself a stray at a local shelter, intact, dirty and matted; and no one came for him.  The shelter neutered him and at the same time performed surgery to remove bladder stones. Noodle then spent one month in a shelter foster home recovering.

He has a pretty significant heart murmur, needs a dental and will need constant monitoring for bladder stones, so the shelter felt he was not a good candidate for adoption, they reached out to Old Dog Haven who in turn reached out to the community hoping to find him a foster home.

An established foster home was interested so he now lives with his foster mom and dad, 2 other Old Dog Haven foster dogs (Harvey and Choko) and one resident dog Sam, 3 cats and 7 chickens (they have their own house).

From Noodle’s Foster Mom:  “Noodle entered our family just like he always belonged.  He ignored the cats and the cats were not afraid of him.  He gets along great with the other dogs and they accepted him the same way we humans have.  He is not perfect though, he came to our home very fearful of being touched by people he does not know.  We have been working with him, teaching him that touch is okay.  We are now able to clean around his eyes with only an occasional lip curl and our mobile groomer was able to give him a full groom with only a couple of hissy fits.  We think with time he will learn to trust again.

“Noodle was pretty skinny and we were told that he was a very picky eater.  He was being offered prescription canned dog food because he is susceptible to bladder stones, so knowing that we offered prescription food (a different brand) but in kibble form and he eats like he is starving, he just did not want canned.  He has gained 7 ounces in 3 weeks so we do not think it will be long before he is at his target weight.  Now that he is eating good his fur has improved and he has more energy, it’s sometimes hard to believe that he’s a senior with health issues, of course it isn’t long before he’s on a dog bed taking a nap.

“He sleeps on the human bed with everyone else and has to touch a human at all times, if we move over, he moves over.  He is amazing on a leash and minds pretty well, he really wants to please.  Noodle has turned into a little dog with a great big bark and he lets you know when anything happens, the dryer goes off, the window blinds clank in the breeze, no one will ever sneak up on us.  I am thankful that he did not end up in an apartment setting!   We live in the country so his barking does not bother us and our resident dog Sam is happy because he’s quite a barker also.

“At Noodle’s first vet visit, some of his lab results showed issues so he will have another blood draw soon to see if the levels have changed.  We are hoping that things will have improved and he will be cleared for a dental.  We love this little guy so much and hope that we will have many years with him thanks to Old Dog Haven and the medical care that they are able to provide because of the donations receive from caring people.”

Noodle when he first arrived at the shelter.

Noodle napping


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