Bonded friends Jasper and Junior are 11 year old boys looking for an adopter who will allow them to continue living together. Junior weighs about 20 pounds. He is a black, white and brown colored boy. His person believes he is possibly a chihuahua basenji mix.  Jasper is a 13 pound deer head chihuahua. We are told that Junior is dependent on his friend Jasper, doing whatever he does as he loves him very much.

Junior is bashful when meeting other dogs and people. Jasper is the more confident dog, wanting to play with other dogs when he meets them. Because of their size and breeds, one would guess a home with dogs their size and smaller would be best for them. Neither dog has lived with cats. Junior has been known to chase cats he sees. The boys are reportedly good with children who are gentle and old enough to be respectful and kind.

Both boys have had recent dentals. Jasper has trouble with one of his rear legs due to an injury sustained last year. His person had it x-rayed and nothing of concern could be found. Jasper can still manage stairs but a home without too many for him to climb on a daily basis would be better for him. Thankfully he is not heavy and could be easily carried if need be. Aside from that, there are no obvious signs of health issues with the pair. Their person will share vet information with potential adopters.

These sweethearts are affectionate and loving with their person. It may take time for Junior to warm up to his new person but he will have outgoing Jasper to show him the way! They both enjoy daily walks and when their person leaves the home, they are fine to stay alone as long as they have each other for company.

Junior loves to grab a slipper or shoe when you return home and he will allow you to take it gently from his mouth, each time. His person tells us she always leaves shoes at her door so he can do this for her. Jasper is said to be very intelligent, seeming to understand what his person says to him. They have been much loved dogs and it shows.

It would be wonderful for Junior and Jasper to remain together. Their adopter should be able to afford their future vetting and good quality dog food. In return for that, one would feel the happiness in your heart you have when you can help keep friends in need together, forever!

Junior and Jasper are located in Anacortes, WA. For contact information, please email:

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.