Jay came to me as a very anxious little boy. He had many health issues, like many older dogs, bad teeth, luxating patellas, arthritis, spondylosis, lung tumor, etc. along with anxiety.

He loved being outside and spent most of his days in his new back yard exploring or sunbathing. I got him a dog house which he enjoyed. His big(size only) sister grew to like him after a few days , and they eventually ate night night treats next to each other! Every morning at 5:45 am he’d get me up to let him out.

He’d play hard, chasing a toy for about 10 minutes, then stop, coughing and panting.

Jay was blessed by Deacon Dennis on July 5th. He was a happy boy, smart and funny. He needed more and more trazadone to get him calm and relieve his anxiety, pacing, and cognitive dysfunction.

I helped Jay over the rainbow bridge on July 8th as I was holding him.

He was a good boy!

Jay at his blessing with Deacon Dennis